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Sex Dependents: Characteristics, Habits, Perversions, Genophobia


Sex Dependents: Characteristics, Genophobia, Habits, Perversions, Phobias

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  1. Since we do not know how to relate to others, or where something begins or where terminate the other, we maintain sexual relationships and / or to know people well.
  2. Out of fear of abandonment and loneliness, we prolong and restart destructive relations; we hide from ourselves and from others our enormous dependence on others and isolate ourselves and we feel increasingly separated from friends, people we love, from ourselves and from God.
  3. The fear of not having “enough love” made us look obsessively. See you on a one after the other, and sometimes with several people at the same time.
  4. We confuse love with affective need, with sexual and physical attraction, with sorrow for someone and / or the need for someone to solve our problems or solve them ourselves.
  5. When we are alone, we feel empty and incomplete; is where the fear of intimacy gives us and commitment, seeking without ceasing, relationships and sexual contacts.
  6. We transform tension, guilt, loneliness, anger, shame and fear into sexual desires. We use sex and emotional dependence as a substitute for the caring, caring and affection that the others get into a sense of healthy relationship.
  7. We use sex and emotional entanglements to control others.
  8. Romantic and sexual obsessions and fantasies paralyzed us and prevented us from concentrate on our other daily tasks.
  9. We avoided the responsibilities we had with ourselves, linking ourselves to people who do not correspond or ignore us.
  10. We continue to be a slave to emotional dependence and the romantic cocktail (flirtation) and compulsive sexual activities.
  11. To avoid causing us harm, we avoid any intimate relationship, confusing anorexia sexual and emotional recovery.
  12. We attribute magic qualities to others, we idealize them and pursue them, for to hold them accountable that our fantasies and expectations had not been fulfilled.

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Genophobia (fear of sex): Causes, symptoms, treatments

Genophobia / Erotophobia – The morbid fear of sex.
Morbid fear of sex, sexual intimacy or sexual intercourse is known as Genophobia. Another name for this fear is Erotophobia – a coined term of two Greek words: Eros – Greek god of love and phobos meaning deep fear or aversion. The word Genophobia also comes from the Greek words: Genos, meaning offspring and Phobos (fear).

Most people, men and women, like sex. Sex is a basic human act that allows intimacy and also allows the continuation of the species. In the case of geno- phobic individuals, however, the simple thought of staying close to someone can induce a complete panic attack.

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An attempt at sexual contact may even bring symptoms of intense anxiety in sufferers. Of course, these patients tend to avoid intimate relationships, and those who are already in a relationship are pressured by their refusal to have sex. Life tends to become rather lonely and depressing for such individuals and their phobia may even interfere with their day-to-day routines.

Causes of Genophobia

Genophobia or erotophobia became common after the widespread panic about AIDS in the early 1980s. Negative attitudes toward sex and false beliefs about sexually transmitted diseases are some of the more common causes of Genophobia.

Scientifically speaking, Genophobia is not classified into the common types of phobias; rather, it is presented in other contexts, such as sexual dysfunction, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or even social anxiety disorder.

Personality also plays an important role in exaggerated sex fear; individuals who suffer from erotophobia endorse beliefs, expectations and negative emotional reactions to physical intimacy.

Lack of knowledge and sexual education play an important role in the causes of sex phobia; people with false beliefs about sexually transmitted diseases tend to have a stigmatizing attitude towards sex. Culture also reinforces these beliefs.

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As individual experiences provoke fear and guilt over sex, one avoids discussions about these issues, causing even more ignorance and vulnerability about intimate relationship with someone.

Rape or sexual abuse, especially in childhood,

can lead to an intense fear of sex classified as phobia. Cases of childhood sexual abuse lead to insecurity in adulthood. The child may not understand the implications of what happened to her at that moment, but then grows up and begins to feel violated. This leads to mistrust or lack of dependence on others. This self-sufficiency can also translate into erotophobia or fear of sex.

Men with erectile dysfunction may also experience the fear of sex. In the case of women, painful sex, genital mutilation or certain medical conditions may prevent the person from having sex and causing geno- phobia. In some women, insecurity about their appearance, or the appearance of their intimate parts such as small breasts, not liking vaginal lips and etc. can also make them erotophobic.

Sometimes Genophobia can have its roots in other phobias. For example, intense fear of germs or fear of contracting an illness or a virus or fear of nudity, as well as the extreme fear of being touched, can cause Genophobia.

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The symptoms of fear of sex (sexual phobia)

The symptoms of fear of sex or erotophobia vary from person to person. Most phobics avoid relationships and have a tendency to go to extremes to avoid intimacy with your partner. This can cause a great deal of pressure on the relationship. Many end up divorcing or leading a lonely life. The thought of getting intimate with someone can lead to complete anxiety attack characterized by the following symptoms:

These symptoms of fear of sex (Genophobia) can be very debilitating, since they tend to interfere with social relationships can even cause depression depression.

Treatment for erotophobia

As is the case with other phobias, there are several methods to treat the fear of sex or the fear of sexual intimacy. It is best not to use strong anxiety medications since these come with a myriad of side effects and often lead to addiction. Indeed; many anxiety / depression medications have one of their side effects listed as a loss of libido or lack of interest in sex.

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Thus, only a trained and qualified specialist should prescribe such medications. The goal of drug therapy should also be the symptomatic relief of anxiety symptoms. Other forms of treatment should be used together and should focus on treating the root cause of the condition.