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Pornography Causes Irreparable Damage To Your Life

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Pornography Causes Irreparable Damage To Your Life

Open your eyes to the ways that pornography will destroy your life – before it’s too late.

No one in their right mind would consume daily doses of arsenic purposely. It’s poison. When consumed, it eventually makes your heart stop beating, and the brain dies.

Pornography has a similar effect.

Although it does not make your heart stop beating, it will undoubtedly make your heart stop having feelings. It causes a numbness in the brain. Pornography is poison.

Pornography on the Internet can cause erectile dysfunction

Production of the neuro-hormone dopamine in the brain is altered, causing detrimental effects on sexual function.

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Here’s how pornography destroys futures:

Stop Porn Addiction, Chronic Masturbation, Porn-Induced Erectile Dysfunction and Sexual Exhaustion has been helping to change the lives of countless men that unfortunately fell victim to excessive, habitual porn-use, over-masturbation and the plethora of side-effects that can accompany them.

1. It causes divorce
When pornography takes over, conjugal love is stifled. If a partner does not stop watching pornography, there is a great possibility that the marriage will end in divorce. In testimony to the United States Senate, Dr. Jill Manning reported that “56% of divorce cases involve one of the spouses having an obsessive interest in pornographic sites.” There can be no place for two different lovers at a wedding. Many addicts choose to give up their spouses instead of giving up porn.

2. It’s addictive
There is a reason why some experts have called pornography “the drug of the new millennium”. It has been suggested that pornography is much more addictive and destructive than heavy drugs like heroin and cocaine, working just as much as a chemical drug – but with more power because it deals with carnal thoughts and behaviors. It takes care of a person’s thoughts.

3. It spoils intimate relationships
Porn portraits are fake. Subjects are actors. There is no love involved. Pornography creates a false image of intimacy. A spouse can not reach this false image, and conjugal intimacy becomes less rewarding. Pornography kills the beautiful tenderness of marital affection. It leaves lonely victims, unable to enjoy normal relations with their spouses.

4. It negatively affects your brain
Research suggests that pornography causes ADHD, social anxiety, depression, performance anxiety, and OCD. In a TED lecture by a professor of physiology, Gary Wilson, titled “The Great Experiment of Pornography,” Wilson addresses the effects of pornography on the brain. As watch pornography releases dopamine, it states that “too much dopamine can replace our natural satiety mechanisms.” The result is that the brain undergoes physical changes, including a dormancy pleasure response, which causes actual intimacy to become unsatisfactory. This change also creates hyper-reactivity to pornographic material, causing an insatiable appetite for it. Willpower is eroded. When that happens, the only thing that matters is to see more pornography.

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5. It makes you lose respect for women
The continuous visualization of pornography promotes the degradation of women. Pornography promotes the false idea that women are objects for the attainment of carnal pleasure.

6. It makes you lose respect for men

Unfortunately, more and more women are watching pornography, and it’s just as tragic for them. Pornography relegates men to objects more or less in the same way that relegates women to objects. It harms the view that women have of men, focusing only on carnal behavior, blinding women to the fact that good men are much more than that. The goodness of men will be seen less and less as women watch more pornography.

7. Decreases connection with your children

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Research shows that the use of pornography is linked to “devaluation of marriage and child rearing,” and that children in homes where parents see pornography suffer “less time and attention from parents.” How can you have your thoughts and concerns on your kids if you’re addicted to pornography? When pornography consumes your thoughts, it leaves no room for other meaningful relationships.

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8. It destroys careers and leads to job loss
When your mind is so engrossed in pornography, you lose the ability to focus on your work. While most companies prohibit the use of pornography at work, the continued use of pornography out of work will gradually take over your mind, leaving little room for the things that really matter – how to make money to survive. According to the Family Research Council, “when viewing pornography becomes an addiction, 40% of addicts lose their spouses, 58% suffer financial loss, and about a third lose their jobs.”

9. It involves you in the crime of abuse of women and children

When you view pornography, you contribute to the success of this segment and financially pave the way for your producers to go further and further into perversions involving child and adolescent abuse. You are probably among those who say you would never sexually abuse a child, and even so, when you view pornography, you are participating in promoting such behavior. Mark B. Kastleman, author of “The Drug of the New Millennium,” suggests that, like any other drug user, pornography users are looking for material that is increasingly extreme to achieve their satisfaction. He writes: “And when the images are no longer enough, many begin to portray what they see in pornography.”

10. Dampens your spiritual senses

His love for God and His holy Word will be diminished. Anyone involved in pornography knows that it is a violation of God’s commandments. It is pure and simple adultery through the internet.

11. It is a terrible example for the children
Eventually, children find out about their parent’s use of pornography. It may be accidental. They can listen to a conversation or open websites, videos or magazines when you are not at home. They can see you watching pornography without you even realizing it. Sin can be hidden for a short time. When children see their parents watching pornography, they think there is no problem in such behavior. Then we’ll have another generation turning to heartbreak.

12. It causes shame and self-deprecation
You can not feel good about yourself when you are doing something that you know is wrong. You have a conscience, and you will know that you are doing something wrong when you see pornography. This is where self-rescue comes and self-esteem plummets.

The good news
The addiction to pornography is curable. Anyone who wants to change can get help. Find hope by joining others who work to “fight the new drug.” Together, we can end the reign of pornography and build a better future for our families.

“High-speed pornography also allows you to control dopamine with the computer mouse, and this we could not do with magazines or real encounters,” the researcher explains. The brain thus experiences two twin processes: sensitization and desensitization. The former elevates dopamine levels and the latter increases tolerance, making people dependent on an increasing number of stimuli for pleasure.

Overcoming the number of crack and heroin addicts, the addition to Internet pornography emerges in the modern world as a new form of addiction, with more devastating results than those caused by these traditional drugs.

Almost 30% of the global Internet traffic is pornography. According to expert estimates, this market holds 146 million web pages, visited daily by millions of people, with millions of dollars worth of tickets, surpassing those of big companies like Google, Microsoft, eBay, Appel or Netflix.

For the Max Planck Institute in Germany, which has been studying the subject, “one of the problems that the author points out is that today there is great access to this drug (we live in the communications age), anywhere and even at any time [with mobile internet and similar]. To this must be added, as has been said, the large number of web pages devoted to pornography, which every day is certainly greater. ”

This is because “pornography has become something ‘normal’ at this time, in which sexually conducive sexual behaviors are diffused through the numerous ways in which we nowadays share something. It is not strange to find an ‘erotization’ of culture, of a ‘pornification’ of society, in which everything is worth, and in which the normal is to create sex icons for all kinds of people, pornography and sex to the taste of the consumer”.
The speed with which more and more people join online pornography is already raising some reactions from doctors, educators and people concerned, especially the education of young people. Thus, there are already books and press articles dealing with the problem, while some governments are taking steps to circumvent it.