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Pornography Is Addictive Such As Tobacco, Alcohol, Cocaine, Heroin

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Pornography Is Addictive Such As Tobacco, Alcohol, Cocaine, Heroin

A study by German researchers at the Max Planck Institute concluded that viewing pornography can be harmful to health.

“We found an important negative link between seeing pornography for several hours a week and the volume of gray matter in the right brain,” say scientists at the Max Planck Institute in Berlin.

The survey, conducted in May, had 64 healthy men, aged 21-45, who spent an average of 4 hours a week watching pornographic videos. The volunteers also underwent several tests, such as magnetic resonance imaging, to see how their brain reacted to pornographic images.

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The result showed that the longer they spent watching pornography, the more their brain volume and activity declined. According to the authors of the study, it is not possible to prove that these phenomena are caused directly by the consumption of pornography, stating that it is necessary to continue the research. Still, researchers say there is undoubtedly a link between the two factors.

Pornography is like a drug: the most worrying is that access to it is much easier

Porn is like a drug. At first glance, cocaine and pornography may seem to have much in common; studies have shown that using pornography causes your brain to release the same chemical elements of pleasure as drugs. However, the most worrying thing about this new drug is that its access is much easier, just a few clicks.

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Pornography damages your brain: just like a chemical dependent, the pornographic consumer will need a larger dose to satisfy their craving for pleasure. Pornography can even affect how a person solves day-to-day problems. The more pornography a person consumes, the more serious the damage to his brain is and the more difficult it is to free himself from addiction. The good news is that this process can be reversed when the person abandons this type of behavior.

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Pornography is addictive: cigarettes, alcohol, and other drugs have more in common than you realize; when they enter the body, its effect on the brain is very similar, since they activate dopamine, and it is precisely this substance that makes the person dependent. Pornography does exactly the same thing.

Pornography Affects Behavior: Many consumers of pornography are looking for ways to get excited by things they did not like before, or even disgusted them, or things they once thought unethical and morally wrong. When they begin to see extreme and dangerous sexual acts, their brains begin to normalize these types of acts, considering them common and of no greater relevance in moral aspects.

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→ Smoking - Tobacco Abuse

→ Pornography Addiction

→ Marijuana Smoking - Weed Abuse

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The addition to pornography is intensifying more and more: due to its additive nature and in order to simply feel a sense of normality, the individual tends to increase the dose of porno. Therefore, the more time passes, the more difficult it is to achieve the same level of satisfaction.

Breakdowns in relationships

Pornography kills love: in real life, love requires a real person. Recent studies have found that, after being exposed to pornography, individuals end up qualifying as having a lower capacity to love compared to people who had no contact with pornography. In addition, other studies claim that individuals exposed to pornographic images tend to be more critical of their partner’s physical appearance (seeking a perfect person).

Pornography is a lie: in this type of material, everything is a lie, from the looks to the supposed reasons of the sexual act. Porn consumers are obsessed with finding something that is not real.

Pornography affects your spouse: people who consume pornography often show loss of feeling for the spouse, manifest greater mistrust, anger and even physical symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Pornographic leaves you alone: ​​the more you consume it, the more difficult it becomes to establish real relationships. As a result, many consumers start to feel that something is wrong with them; They do not know how to get back to being like before.

Defects in society

The dirty secret of pornography: before viewers, it can seem like a world of fantasy, pleasure and emotions. However, for those who are participants and protagonists in the production of the pornographic world, experiences are often accompanied by drugs, disease, slavery, trafficking, rape and abuse.

Pornography leads to violence: it is no secret that it is violent; even the simplest is filled with women who are physically and verbally battered.

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Pornography distorts the concept of sex: adolescents are receiving sex education through pornography. People who consume porn tend to start premarital sex and with partners, which can have consequences such as illness, teenage pregnancy, abortion, and contraceptive methods that put teenagers’ lives at risk.

After all this, do you still think it’s worth consuming pornographic material?

What is Pornography Addiction? (Discover How To Stop Today)
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What is Pornography Addiction?

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If you want to quit the addiction today and find out the truth – no one wanted to tell you – about pornography, turn off your cell phone, quit social networks and pay attention to this essential text.

Do you know why pornography is so pleasurable?

Our Ancestors Needed Sex and Survival For our ancestors, the chance to have sex was very rare. Then, when an opportunity arose, they could not lose it. Otherwise, they would not be able to pass their genes on. Makes sense?

Because of this, in thousands of years, our brain has evolved to make Sex the second most important thing in human life. Losing only for the need for survival, which is to feed and not be killed.

So, for thousands and thousands of years the man’s goal was to survive and when he had the opportunity to have sex, he reproduced his species. Right?

Dopamine is the chemical substance of pleasure. It exists to force people to do what our species asks: to survive and reproduce.

So when we see a sex opportunity, large doses of dopamine are released into the brain, giving incredible pleasure.

But now, the world has evolved. You do not have to go hunting or risking your life to reproduce.

But his brain remains primitive and has not adapted to the modern world. In the region where Dopamine is created, it is not possible to separate what is pornography and real sex. For him, a porn video is a mating opportunity.

With pornographic videos on the internet, a man manages to have sex with more women in 10 minutes than our ancestors would have in a century.
There is nothing that gives more pleasure than this, making you want to see more and more.