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Oral Pornstar Sex Techniques You Need To Try

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10 Pornstar Oral Sex Techniques You Need To Try

Oral sex in women, when done right, can not be bad. The caress is one of the most pleasurable parts of the relationship and is very important to leave the woman relaxed, lubricated and excited for penetration. However, it can be made even better by using advanced foreplay techniques.

The tips listed below elicit different sensations than women are accustomed to feeling during oral sex, as they stimulate areas that are not usually exploited and use unusual movements. It pays to teach these tricks to the partner and try new techniques in the next relationship – after all, that’s how sex improves.

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Put a pillow under your butt.

This simple trick will lift your hips and make your pelvis more relaxed and exposed, increasing pleasure. Always try to keep your knees apart, as this increases the sensitivity of the region.

The tongue should not be confined to the clitoris. The whole region of the vagina should be explored during oral sex. Besides the touch itself being sensual, the more lubrication, the better it will be for the woman.

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Kiss tongue, only down there. Instead of stretching your tongue to stimulate the clitoris, tell your partner to pretend to be giving you a tongue kiss. The movement of the lips is also tasty and causes a different sensation than the tongue alone.

Oral sex does not have to be oral.

Your partner can combine different types of stimulus at the same time. Introducing a finger or a vibrator in the vagina while stroking the tongue allows the woman to become doubly aroused. The partner can stimulate the G-spot by bending the finger slightly upwards after inserting it, doing back-and-forth movements, and other techniques.

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Greek kiss.

This technique is not for everyone, but if you have an open mind, it’s worth a try. The Greek kiss is nothing more than to pass the tongue in the anus. It can be a very pleasant complement to oral sex, since the region is an important erogenous zone.

Keep your hands tied. One of the most pleasurable (and distressing) sensations in oral sex is that of being completely exposed and without control of one’s own body. When this happens, many women have the reflex of lightly closing their legs and placing their hand on the partner’s head in an attempt to control it. However, you will realize that if you avoid this urge, the pleasure will increase even more. So ask your partner to hold your hands and agree that if you try to close your legs, he will not let you. Besides fantasy, the stimulus itself will be much greater.

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Vibration with the mouth. Speak to your partner to speak softly the letter uuu as you pass your mouth all over your vulva. This will cause a certain vibration in his lips, which will cause a pleasant sensation for you.

Double orgasm.

As soon as you reach orgasm with oral sex, tell your partner to penetrate you quickly. After the first orgasm, it is easier to reach the next ones, because your body is relaxed and very excited. However, not every woman likes to continue receiving stimuli in the clitoris after enjoying, since the region is very sensitive. Thus, with penetration already at an accelerated pace, you will be stimulated at point G, making it easier to get the second orgasm (and maybe the third, fourth, etc.). Just be careful not to interrupt your first orgasm as this may break the mood for you.

Belly down. Instead of being in the classic position of oral sex (lying on your back with your legs open and your partner in the middle), lie down on your stomach, spread your legs (or stay on all fours) and let your tongue pass in you. In this position, oral sex will be done in the opposite direction, which causes a completely new sensation.

Shiver. If your partner has a beard, tell him to rub his face on the inside of his thigh during the oral procedure, which will cause chills.

The more open the better. In addition to pushing your knees apart during oral sex, ask your partner to open the area further by pulling the skin of your thigh out with your hands. The more exposed you are, the better off you will be.

The best techniques of oral sex to practice in man and woman

Guarantee of pleasure in intimacy, oral sex is practically a well-accepted unanimity between men and women and, contrary to what some people believe, the caress goes much further than a preliminary or warm-up for sex. To be an expert on the subject, know the best oral sex techniques for them and for them:

Tips for doing oral sex to a woman

Start practicing by pushing your partner’s big lips with your hands. This will make the vulva more open and exposed, facilitating strokes with tongue and mouth. The technique increases the area of ​​contact for stimulation and will make the erogenous points more sensitized, enhancing the sensations of pleasure and facilitating the orgasm.

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Avoid standing on the same spot, stroking and kissing the same region, to ensure total and intense pleasure for the woman. Start oral sex on the big lips, go for the little ones and then go to the clitoris, the most sensitive area and the most number of nerve endings. Kisses on the groin and thighs are also welcome.

Instead of just stretching your tongue to stimulate the clitoris, take some kind of tongue kiss in the intimate area, making movements with your lips to trigger different sensations. Keeping the tongue too stiff can cause discomfort.

During oral sex, enjoy touching the partner’s breasts, belly and thighs with your hands. If the woman feels comfortable and feels pleasurable, the man can still introduce the finger, erotic toys or vibrator into the vagina while the tongue caresses the area.

Place your hand on the partner’s venus mount and lightly press while practicing oral sex. The touch enlarges the sensation of the woman by pressing the clitoris indirectly, since the organ is large and most of it is internal.

Try different positions and instead of having oral sex on the partner lying flat on her back, place her on her hands or knees down to receive the strokes with her mouth, keeping her legs apart.

Put a pillow under the woman’s butt during oral sex. The trick will raise the hip and make the pelvis more relaxed and exposed, increasing pleasure. Keep your knees apart to increase the sensitivity of the region.

During traditional oral sex it is still worth investing in the Greek kiss, which consists of the walk of the tongue in the region of the anus. The practice can be quite exciting if the couple feels comfort and disposition, because the region is an erogenous zone rich in nerve endings.

Tips for doing oral sex on a man

Instead of immediately sucking the partner’s penis, play around the area by licking and kissing the inner thighs, groin, scrotal sac and glans (organ’s head) before inserting it into the mouth.

As the most sensitive part of the penis is the head, full of nerve endings, try to explore the region well by passing the tongue and caressing with the lips and hands.

It is very important to be careful with your teeth during oral sex in man. Biting or shaving the teeth in the penis can cause great discomfort and even pain.

With the penis in your mouth, use your hands to caress the scrotal sac, an area capable of giving great pleasure to the man. It is still worth masturbating the partner while sucking the glans, since, often, the mouth does not exert enough friction for him to ejaculate.

Also bet on licking in the scrotal sac, which provide a very pleasurable sensation for men. Another very stimulating movement is to move the tongue from the base to the head of the penis and then put it in the mouth. If the couple feels comfortable with the idea, you can take the tongue to the perineum or even the anus, extremely erogenous places that provoke deep sensations in men as well.

Contrary to what many people believe, there is no great need to introduce the entire penis into the mouth, practicing the so-called deep guarantee. As the most sensitive part of the organ is the head, concentrating on the area is enough. In doing so, do not skimp on saliva: the more lubricated the organ gets, the more pleasure a man will feel.

Visual contact during oral sex also leaves both men and women more excited. A good position to carry out the act is when the partner sits in a chair or armchair and the woman, on her knees, stands in the middle of his legs, stroking his penis and looking directly into his eyes.