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Colossal Erection, Multiple Ejaculation, Sexual Power

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Colossal Erection, Multiple Ejaculation, Sexual Power – The secret of doping sex is revealed by the famous pornographic actor.

Richard Lesney has been in the porn industry for 7 years. Strengthens erection with pharmacological products, which allow you to maintain erection for up to 9 hours.

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Each man wants to satisfy his partner up to 4 times in a row, because he proves his strength, endurance and masculinity. How to ensure a sex marathon for your wife every night? Richard Lesney, one of the most well-known actors in the porn industry, reveals the method of becoming an indestructible lover.

9.5 hours of intense sex – I have to admit that your record seems surreal. It was difficult for me to believe that it was possible to maintain the erection for almost half a day and to finish each time with a copious ejaculation. In preparing for this interview, I consulted experts, researched information on the Internet – today I know it is possible. But let’s start at the beginning. Can you tell us what your profession consists of?

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Richard: Sex is my job, so 8 hours of solid erection is my day-to-day life. You have to be productive as long as possible for 8 hours in your magazine, I have to have the strength and possibilities during this time to have sex intensely in front of cameras. How’s my day? I reach the stage and I represent scenes according to the plan. Sometimes it’s 3 to 4 productions during the day, sometimes we make a movie for 8 hours. 9.5 hours of continuous sex is the record of two months ago – we had a villa rented only for one day, so we had to record all the scenes one day. It was exhausting, but I have fond memories of that marathon (laughter).

Being an actor, we understand that you have to disguise, pretend to behave. In your case you can not pretend. Powerful erection and strong ejaculations have to be true, which we can easily observe.


Richard: Sure – a porn actress can fake an orgasm, but the actor can not fake erection. Of course, the penis has to be constantly tense and hard like a rock. The scenes are very spicy, often the action lasts 50 – 60 minutes without intervals, in addition we change much of position. Around it we have cameras, personnel responsible for the sound and people of the production, but you can not deconcentrate. Imagine that for an hour you repeat 3 times an ejaculation scene for the woman’s face. It’s a profession that demands to be always in shape, testosterone has to always be at the highest level.

Exactly, you have to be ready to have intense sex – surely many men want to know what methods you have tried to increase your “skills”?

Richard: It’s hard to count the methods I’ve tried. When I started working in this industry, I was mainly trying viagra. It had good effects, but applying the tablet before the scene was difficult – you often do not even have time for it. In addition, it is a very expensive solution – a viagra pill costs about 25 euros and I needed up to 5 per day.

In addition there were the negative side effects brought about by the application of these products. I have come to the conclusion that artificially induced erection is not for me. However, I experimented with several exercises for a stronger erection, but believe me – after 8 hours of work in a porn movie, masturbation at home is the last thing you feel like. Today, knowing how easy I am to keep my penis erect for several hours, I just want to laugh when I remember those ineffective methods. Well, but no one is born as a sex champion, the most important thing is to find a suitable method for you.

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Today you are recognized as one of the toughest porn actors in the industry and your intense marathons of many hours are the envy of many men. Can you tell our readers how you can maintain this enormous sexual potential? How do you have strength for these constant erections?

Richard: It’s no secret, I’ve already recommended to many industry colleagues Cilexin, which I’ve been taking for almost half a year. In our profession each of us is under the control of a urologist because men who overdo steroids or with suspect supplements can seriously injure themselves by pumping countless hectoliters of blood into the penis.

It was precisely the urologist who told me about the product, which at that time had only entered the market in the United States. Before I had used many supplements to strengthen erection, but none of them had satisfactory effects, so I was also skeptical about Cilexin. But this time was different, this prepared has more l-arginine to other substances – I do not understand this subject well, so I can not explain exactly. Anyway since I’m taking it, sex during those 9.5 hours does not mean any problem.

You talk about these issues with a smile, without feeling embarrassed. Sorry for the question, but a strong young man who has to apply pills to have satisfying sex – is not it a shame for the male ego?

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Richard: Shame on the man is a sexual relationship, which lasts at most 30 minutes and does not give the woman an orgasm. Unfortunately these are the possibilities of most men, who in fact are considered sex demons. If there is something that can increase your sexual capacity effectively and naturally, why not take advantage of it? People take tablets for hair growth, strengthening nails, take tablets with magnesium and vitamins to increase stamina.

Shame of what? Because of having powerful erections and being able to ejaculate 9 times a day? It’s reason to be proud and the cause why all porn actresses want to act with me precisely (laugh). The productions have also won because I have no problem repeating ejaculation or with scenes with two or three partners at the same time. Women do not have to disguise orgasms and the scenes are much more realistic.

I have to ask on behalf of the readers, who have sex only occasionally and not by profession – what should a normal person, not attached to the porn industry, to enjoy a reliable sexual capacity and powerful erections when they want? Do they all have access to the products that you apply in your industry?

Richard: Cilexin is not only prepared for “industry”. As far as I know, everyone can buy it on the Internet. For me it is better than viagra type products because I do not have to take it a set amount of time before having sex. I do not have time for these things.

I personally advise against experimenting with cheap substitutes sold in your neighborhood pharmacies because they may have the opposite effect. In the case of the producer, at least I am sure that I buy the original product and can eventually ask for the money back. I do not know how it is in the case of the other preparations of this type.

Is there anything else you can recommend to men who want to increase the quality of their sex life?

Richard: First of all you should eliminate junk food from your menu and quit smoking – this really gives you sexual power. I also advise regular physical activity, even jogging. Good sex is high performance sport, the better the condition, the better results in bed.

However regardless of lifestyle I recommend everyone supplementation because this has an equal effect on sportsmen and young men as well as on obese older men with a sedentary pace of life. And the effects are visible even after a few days, sometimes even hours. You may be surprised at the difference between your current sexual capabilities that are nothing and your new abilities.

May this valuable advice be a summary of our meeting. I think the notion of the existence of such products, which so increase sexual abilities will allow many men to decide on lovers who want to be in bed. Thank you for the conversation and I wish you many successes in your professional career!

Richard: Thank you. I wish everyone a colossal sexual condition forever.

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