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Cervical Orgasm: What You Need To Know About Delight In The Uterus

Cervical Orgasm

Cervical Orgasm: What You Need To Know About Delight In The Uterus

The cervical orgasm may take a little longer to get, but when it comes it is a burst of sensation. It happens in the cervix, region of the Uterus. However, to achieve it, it is good to know some facts and techniques.

Cervical orgasm. Have you? Do you know what this is?

Not so common, cervical orgasm is possible to be achieved, but not always. At certain times it becomes more latent. This type of pleasure “is described as a wave of pleasure beneath the belly that sends that sensation to the whole body,” explains a clinical director and sexual health expert at the Women’s Health Clinic.

We never hear of type of orgasms for two reasons: 1) they are not common and 2) it is not easy to reach them. Aly points out that there is no reason to worry if you have not tried one of them yet. Especially considering that many studies have shown that 70% of women need clitoral stimulation for the moment of great pleasure, which makes cervical orgasm much less common.

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1. Pleasure, cervical orgasm

It happens with the stimulation of the cervix, which lies at the end of the vagina, near the cervix (and even in the cervix). “The orgasm itself is felt throughout the body and not just a part of it. The cervix is ​​just the area to be stimulated to get there,” says sexologist Marcelle Paganini.

2. Any woman can try it

There is no restricted club, any woman can have cervical orgasm, as long as she knows herself well and knows what to do to get there. The partner also makes all the difference at this time. If it is a hurried type, for example, it is difficult for a woman to achieve a different orgasm from the clitoris.

3. In the right measure

To get to cervical orgasm, it is important for the woman to be aroused and relaxed. Hence, during sex, the stimulation of the cervix should be slow and steady. According to Cátia Damasceno, a specialist in sexuality, the compatibility of the couple makes a difference. “If the penis is too large, it will hit the cervix and instead of being a pleasurable stimulus, it will be painful. If the penis is smaller and the vagina is deeper, this orgasm will hardly happen because it will not have a stimulation of the region, ” he says.

4. Some women report feeling more relaxed. Is it true?

Some women report feeling more relaxed. But there may be questions at the H-hour whether it was really the cervical or clitoral orgasm. “One way to try to find out is to know where the onset of orgasm occurred during sex. Depending on the position or type of relationship, there may be more contact with the cervix with the cervical region,” explains Jairo Iavelberg, a gynecologist at Beneficência Portuguesa from Sao Paulo.

5. Deep Penetration Helps

As the cervix sits well at the end of the vaginal canal, a position that allows deep penetration will facilitate this orgasm, like four or the woman on top. These positions favor the greater contact of the penis with the cervix.

6. It’s not just how big is the penis

A not too large penis can reach the cervix with deep penetration, as we have already mentioned. Now, in order to avoid discomfort with the big penis, you have to think of another position. “If the partner has a very large penis, the best position is on the side, because there the angle of the woman’s body can control the penetration and make it shallower so as not to hurt.”

7. Double dose enjoyment

It is possible to have cervical or clitoral orgasm at the same time. But this will depend largely on the sensitivity of the woman and the degree of adequate stimulation, according to Iavelberg. “If she is well stimulated, receiving the necessary amount of contact, caressing during intercourse, depending on what is needed to reach the stimulus and trigger the orgasm, it can be multiple, yes.”

8. Vibrator also gives that strength

Yes, it is possible to get there with a vibrator, as long as it reaches the cervix and the amount of stimulation is adequate – in addition to the sensitivity of the woman being sharp. However, according to Marcelle Paganini, it is important not to switch on the vibration function. “The idea is to stimulate the area only with the contact, otherwise the clitoral anatomy itself, orgasm ends up being clitoral,” explains the sexologist.

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9. It is not the same for all

Some women find it easier to achieve orgasm by clitoral stimulation. Others, by vaginal penetration or stimulation of the cervix. “My tip, then, is to try and discover the various forms and which part of the body responds most,” suggests Cátia. It does not hurt to try, does it?

What is cervical orgasm? How to achieve this orgasm?

It is a very specific orgasm that happens in the cervix, the region of the cervix. To achieve, it will depend first on a compatibility of the vagina’s depth and the size of the partner’s penis. If the penis is too large, it will hit that region and instead of being a pleasurable stimulus, it will be painful.

Even if the penis is smaller and the vagina channel deeper, so to speak, this orgasm will hardly happen. This is because you will not have a stimulation of that region of the cervix. Having this compatibility will also depend on the stimulus that is done, how it is done, so that it just generates the desired pleasure and not the pain.