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Anal Sex: Lose The Shame And Enjoy The Moment!

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Anal Sex: Lose The Shame And Find Out How To Enjoy The Moment!

For you, anal sex is a mystery and causes disgust? Discover how to lose the shame of practice, know the step by step and enjoy the moment!

Anal sex: Does this expression cause fear or disgust in you? If so, know that you do not have to be afraid of the practice, because it can be painless and very pleasurable if done right.

Many people wonder if anal sex is good, after all there are those who recommend and also who has a sense of disgust for this practice. With or without this “feedback” from friends, the first and foremost question that arises is: Will I feel pain?
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Sex exists not only to reproduce but also to have pleasure. And it is not only with the penetration in the vagina that we can feel this unique well-being. Anal sex is good for unforgettable orgasms as well as other types. It is enough that you respect some premises and practice the correct way.

Most men tend to get excited just at the thought of anal sex. This is because the musculature of the anus is tighter and, in this way, it makes the pressure on the penis bigger, provoking more pleasure to the male sex. In addition, they become crazed to see the movement of the penis in and out.

Most women, on the other hand, are afraid to feel pain, get hurt, get hemorrhoids, and have a loosening of the anus muscles, which can cause fecal incontinence if practice is consistent throughout life. However, it is possible to have pleasure without having these problems. There are certain ways to prepare the body for anal penetration and prevention methods so that no unwanted memories remain.

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Step by step of anal sex

First of all, you have to pay attention to the preliminaries. For sex to flow, one must be aroused and relaxed. Otherwise you will feel a lot of pain and thus it will be more difficult to enjoy the moment. Caresses with the hands or tongue in the anus region may be an outlet. Ask your partner to intercourse with clitoral stimulation and delicate movements in the breasts.

It is important to have a water-based lubricant on hand since the anus has no natural lubrication. So, do not get wet with the excitement, which makes penetration difficult.

Go slow with anal sex!

First, tell your partner to insert only one finger with lubricant and in a slow motion. When you have it all in the anus, the organ may contract. Do not let him pull it back, just ask to do bending and stretching movements of the finger, until you relax the muscles of the hole. Then try to insert two fingers and make the same gesture. So, expect the muscle to loosen until it reaches a comfortable width for the penis.

Let the partner penetrate slowly, with only the tip of the lubricated penis. Do this slowly, until the anus relaxes and gets full penetration. Then, begin the shuttle without removing the organ altogether. Then, seeing that the muscles of the orifice are more relaxed, start testing new positions (which can also relieve the discomfort) and do at the speed that will generate pleasure for both.

During penetration, if you feel pain, take a break until the anus stops pulsing and relax again.


Never do vaginal penetration and then anal penetration – much less the opposite. This is because bacteria can be transported and cause infections;
Use condoms (even the tongue), as they protect against Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs). Important: do not reuse condoms;
Use water-based lubricating gels to avoid ruining the condom;
Take good care of anal hygiene so that no surprise will disturb your sex. Some pharmacies and sex shops sell kits specially made for cleansing the rectum.

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Anal sex is good

To understand why anal sex is good and can provide pleasure as well as vaginal and oral, we need to know more about the anatomy of our body. It is necessary to make clear that the sensation provided by anal sex is not the same as the other type of sexual relationship, but something different and unique.

Our body has several erogenous zones beyond the genitals, and some people are more sensitive to certain areas. As for the anus, it is also one of those points, but many people are not accustomed to exploit it. What happens is that this region, when stimulated through masturbation, penetration or even with the mouth, produces specific and intense sensations.

This is because the anus is full of nerve endings and has two muscle rings responsible for controlling digestion. The outer ring is of our conscious control, while the inner ring is controlled by our autonomic nervous system.

During penetration, any stimulus will be felt by the same nerves that respond to stimulation of the vagina – the pelvic nerve. Stimulating this nerve brings a deep throbbing sensation, a feeling that many find extremely exciting. That’s why anal sex is good.

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Anal sex is good when the body is relaxed

But anal pleasure is not so easy. The maximum benefit of this type of sex depends on some factors, which for those who are starting may seem a little difficult, but it is totally necessary.

When it comes to anal sex, it is necessary to first be relaxed. That is, there can be no fear of pain or any kind of prejudice or remorse during practice. From the moment one can relax, everything becomes easier.

Once this is done, a lot of attention is needed for lubrication, which will make penetration easier. Many people forget this factor, believe me. Having a good lubricant is essential to get pleasure and make the penetration comfortable, besides protecting the anus from possible cracks.