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Anal Sex Secret Pleasures: Enjoy Incredible Orgasms

anal sex secrets

Anal Sex Secret Pleasures: Enjoy Incredible Orgasms

Anal sex has a bad reputation and it’s not hard to understand why. For years it was considered a taboo and people believed that the practice promoted homosexual tendencies. In addition, many women still shudder at the thought because they believe that anal sex is something dirty and degrading. As I am a woman who loves to experience things that give me pleasure, I can assure you that this is far from the truth and that this practice can be amazing! For all who like to innovate in bed and try new things, in today’s article I will give tips on how to have anal sex and how to feel great pleasure in practice.

Anal sex can give you as much pleasure as vaginal sex

Although we are increasingly encouraged to talk about it, it is nevertheless complicated, both in and out of bed. For many women, having anal sex is still a subject that is difficult to talk about even with their friends. Shame and even prejudice make something natural into a dirty thing. However there are tips that help you have good times and have fun. Anal sex can give you as much pleasure as vaginal sex, you just need to take certain precautions to make the experience pleasurable and safe.

The most recommended in how to do anal sex is to start with self-stimulation, exploring the external sensitivity, manually or with a vibrator. Once you have done this two or three times it will be easier to practice with your partner.

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If you decide to use a vibrator, the best option is the smooth and lubricated models. It is advisable to introduce it slowly so that the muscles of the anus become accustomed to this new sensation.

Constant stimulation of the clitoris and other sexual points is very important in order to achieve the arousal necessary for the first anal intercourse; ask your partner to stimulate this point.

During the first few times you practice anal sex, you may experience craving or urination, it is normal because your body is not yet accustomed. The same thing happens when you practice oral sex and have nausea; eventually you learn to master this natural reaction and fully enjoy it.

Once it is in and you’re enjoying it, relax your anus muscles to give your partner more pleasure. The exciting thing about this practice for men is that the anus is usually tighter than the vagina and the control of your muscle ensures immediate pleasure.

With anal sex you can have intense orgasms

Graduality and patience are the best tips on how to do anal sex. Learning to know the body and its limits is part of the process and you should not overdo it if you do not want to turn sex into something painful.
There are in this area many nerve endings that are excitable by stimulating a finger, vibrator or penis. And if you dare to do something even bolder … try to be simultaneously penetrated into your vagina and anus, this will give you twice the pleasure!

With anal sex you can have intense orgasms. The first step for women to have an orgasm is to enjoy sex and see their dirty and hot side. Fortunately, anal sex allows man to manipulate the G-spot of women from different angles.

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First of all, an advice

Before you start reading the tips on how to do anal sex, you need to put it in your head that anal sex is something very normal, contrary to what many people think. It is an aspect of sexuality that you live with your partner. So relax, there will be a lot more fun if you get rid of this false feeling that you are committing perversion or that this is not a natural behavior. It’s worth remembering that if you do not want to try, no one has the right to force it.

Go ahead if you really want to try, not to please your partner but to try new things.

Advice for enjoying anal sex

1. Clean the zone before starting

To stay comfortable and avoid embarrassing accidents, be sure to thoroughly clean the area. You can do a lavage or shower, or wipe the inside of the anus gently with your fingers. If you went to the bathroom that day, it will be perfect. Talk to your partner before you know what to do in case there is an accident with a few washcloths nearby.

If there is an accident, do not be ashamed, it is more common than you think. Talk to your partner to wash the intimate parts and then clean, continue to enjoy sex.

2. Preliminaries

To have good anal sex, foreplay is essential. Caresses play an important role in “preparing the ground”. Ideally, your partner should begin stimulation with gentle kissing in the area and even take advantage of a “sex toy” if you have one.

3. Protect yourself

Always use condoms when engaging in anal sex, so you and your partner protect themselves from sexually transmitted diseases and other infections. It is important that once the penis of your partner penetrates the anus, do not even touch your vagina before washing it very well, otherwise you may have a vaginal infection.

4. Relax and enjoy

To enjoy anal sex, you need to relax. This sexual practice requires fluid communication so that it goes slow, fast, or simply quit if you are feeling pain. If all goes well, you will feel some discomfort at first, but then you will feel a pleasure quite different from what you usually feel from vaginal penetration. To relax, place a pillow over your hips, open your legs and have your partner caress and stimulate the anus area.

5. Lubrication and more lubrication

Unlike the vagina, the anus does not have natural lubrication, so it is important that you make sure it is as lubricated as possible. The more lubricated you are, the easier and comfortable the penetration will be.

Prefer water-based or silicone-based lubricants that do not interfere with the integrity of the condom. Never use intimate gels, which promise to numb the pain. You need to know what you feel and even impose limits if necessary.

6. Postures

All sexual postures are valid for anal sex, but if you are a beginner, it may be more interesting for you and your partner to try the “sideways” posture: you lying on your side with your back to your partner. In this position, it can not enter the entire length of the limb and you will be able to control the movements better.

7. Take your time

Women are accustomed to get things in and out of the vagina, from inner absorbents to babies, but the anus is something else and the muscles around it are not as elastic as those in the vagina. So, to enjoy the adventure of anal sex, you have to take your time and do not rush things. Once your partner is able to penetrate your anus and you are properly aroused, it can start to move faster. At this point, ask her to stimulate your clitoris or do it yourself … so you’ll notice how this combination of anal and clitoral stimulation will lead to an explosive orgasm.

8. Book for special occasions

You may not feel like having anal sex every time you have sex or you do not want to practice with all your partners. Reserve it for special occasions like when you are with the period or when you feel especially excited.

Other Anal Sex Information:

Some cares

It is essential that both parties agree to this type of penetration, too much force can cause injury and even bleeding.
Both the rectum and the anus are contaminated with the fecal material, so it is advisable to do so with a condom to avoid infections caused by microorganisms living there.
Never switch from anal to vaginal sex without changing the condom or without washing the penis or vibrator; for both practices there should be as much cleaning as possible, otherwise there is danger of contaminating the vagina with the bacterial flora coming from the rectum.


Today I gave tips on how to have anal sex, a practice that can give pleasure both to man and woman and further strengthens the relationship between a couple. In this context, the important thing is that you feel that your desires and your limits are respected: sex has to be both with fun and complicity. You do not have to feel compelled to try something you do not like just because your partner wants it. If you do not like it, say “no thank you”. On the other hand, do not stop practicing something for fear of prejudices and beliefs about sex imposed by society. You could miss wonderful experiences.

How to do anal sex? In the end, who decides is you.